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ActivPanel Touch

ActivPanel Touch’s suite of large, vibrant, high-definition displays supports multi-touch interaction where up to ten students can collaborate and learn together.

Whether it’s because of time constraints, a desire for increased interactivity, an unfamiliar topic or a need for consistency across classrooms, high-quality, ready-to-use interactive lessons and teaching resources can be invaluable. That’s why Promethean offer access to thousands of free teaching resources created by teachers and renowned publishers and organizations

With Promethean’s Digital Content Resources, through Promethean Planet.

  • Rely on trusted educational publishers and content creators such as Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, National Geographic, Dorling Kindersley and Scholastic to provide dynamic, engaging standards-based resources (including interactive lessons for the Common Core!) that are as effective as they are easy to use.  
  • Discover free teaching resources from Promethean Partners such as the Smithsonian, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Royal Shakespeare Company and National Underground Railroad Freedom Center
  • .Make lesson creation more efficient and effective by borrowing from colleagues from all over the world

Interactive lessons for the Common Core

  • School-wide access to teaching resources and lesson plans
  • High-quality interactive lessons for a specific curricular topic
  • Free resources created by fellow teachers and Promethean partners

ActivBoard 500 Pro

Elevating the standard for interactive whiteboards, the ActivBoard 500 Pro promotes a natural way of interacting with technology modeled on real-world situations and gestures

ActivBoard 500 Pro at a glance:

  • This multi-user system offers the best of both worlds with intuitive multi-touch and precise pen control.
  • Collaboration space for up to four students extends collaborative learning opportunities.
  • Works seamlessly with Promethean software and tools or can easily be used with existing classroom tools, including student response systems or multi-user applications like Google Earth™ or Microsoft® Surface™.

ActivPanel Touch at a glance:

  • Supports a full range of learning settings, including whole-class, individual, duo, small-team and multi-team.
  • Magnetic stylus or touch interaction creates exceptionally smooth, responsive and precise interactivity whether writing or using multi-touch gestures.
  • Sleek design, superior image quality and durable construction ensure years of captivating learning experiences.
  • Available in 55”, 65”, 70” high-definition and 84” ultra-high-definition displays to meet the needs of every classroom

Why ActivPanel Touch?

  • Excellent visibility and sound in any room

  • Precise interaction for any task

  • Reduce the technology learning curve

  • Enjoy a long life of worry-free use

ActiVote at a glance:

  • Simple, easy operation with six-button, A-to-F interface.
  • Encourages whole-class participation and facilitates formative assessment.
  • Instant results can be used in real time to inform instruction and can be saved, exported and printed.


ActiVote is a student response system that enables teachers to poll students at any time during class to assess progress and, based on responses, tailor lessons to specific student needs.

ActivExpression at a glance:

  • With real-time feedback, teachers can monitor understanding and adapt instruction for the class or individuals.
  • Self-paced and impromptu capabilities and a wide range of response types allow for maximum flexibility.
  • ActivExpression promotes full-class participation throughout lessons while facilitating ongoing assessment of student progress


ActivExpression student response system offers teachers real-time insight into comprehension and learning progression as students work at their own pace or as a class.


ActivEngage2 is a virtual student response system that enables students to contribute to a classroom discussion or work at their own pace from tablets, laptops or mobile handheld devices.

ActivEngage2 at a glance:

  • Available for tablets, computers and mobile devices (Apple iOS, Android™ and Windows).
  • Self-paced mode allows students to work at their own pace and level and provides instant feedback.
  • Real-time results allow teachers to continuously gauge comprehension and adjust instruction based on student needs.

Other Products

Whether by ensuring that the ActivBoard is within reach of all students, or by allowing for interactivity from any corner of the classroom, Promethean's interactive tools are designed to help you maximize the full potential of any lesson.

With Promethean Tools:

  • Don’t turn your back on the audience—control the ActivBoard from anywhere in the class with ActivSlate.
  • With ActivWand, ensure that ensuring students of all sizes and abilities can experience the magic of interactive learning on the ActivBoard
  • Offer increased opportunities for hands-on teacher guidance, collaboration and peer-to-peer learning with the dual-user functionality of ActivArena.

Which is right for me?

Interactivity from anywhere in the classroom

The ability to monitor progress, move around the floor space and even pass control of the ActivBoard is key for any teacher.With ActivSlate, you can control the lesson from within 100m or 328ft of free space, perfect for audience participation and active involvement.

Extended reach, accessibility at the ActivBoard

The ActivWand provides an extra 21 inches of reach and performs all of the functions of a mouse or ActivPen, with the click of a big button. Perfect for grasping and reaching while standing at the ActivBoard, or even based from a wheelchair

.ActivPen times two

ActivArena dual-user functionality can be added to existing ActivBoards to facilitate collaboration by allowing two users to simultaneously interact anywhere on the ActivBoard with two ActivPens.

Digital Content

Classroom Software

It is educators’ daily mission to leverage or create engaging, effective educational resources and tools to bring lessons to life and capture their students’ attention and imaginations. Promethean is here to help.

With Promethean’s Classroom Software

  • Make the most of your school’s 1-to-1 devices or Bring Your Own Technology initiative to give every student a voice. ActivEngage2 and ClassFlow transform the technology at your students’ fingertips into invaluable tools for formative assessment, engagement and more personalized learning.
  • Bring lessons to life. Easy-to-use tools designed for educators by educators allow you to create new dynamic interactive lessons or leverage and enliven content from other applications, including videos, webpages, Microsoft® PowerPoint® and much more.
  • Save valuable preparation time by borrowing from 1.8 million colleagues from all over the world. Thousands of resources created by educators or Promethean Partners offer you a head start.

Which is right for you?

Cloud-based tool brings it all together

  • ClassFlow makes lesson creation and delivery easier, faster and more effective, and it doesn’t stop there

Student response software

  • With our virtual student response system ActivEngage2, iPads, Android tablets, iPod Touch, smartphones and student computers become powerful formative assessment and communication tools that provide every student the opportunity to confidently participate, while giving teachers instant insight into student understanding.

Powerful, flexible interactive whiteboard software

  • ActivInspire offers a vast suite of tools for the creation and delivery of dynamic, stimulating lessons.

Taking PowerPoint® lessons to the next level

  • Eager to make your Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations more interactive and engaging, but not interested in learning a new software? Promethean ActivOffice  quickly and easily transforms existing PowerPoint presentations into truly interactive lessons.

Professional Development & Warranty

At REV Enterprises, we aim to provide comprehensive warranty options to ensure that you get the support you need to make the maximize the impact of your classroom tools. Through our training and professional development options, we can give teachers and administrators the skills and confidence needed to make the most out of their classroom technology, exploring the full depth of what Promethean solutions can really do for the classroom..

With REV Enterprises Training & Warranty options:

  • Find the ideal warranty options for your needs and budget. With our ActivCare Standard Warranty, our ActivCare free warranty offering and ActivCare+ purchasable premium warranty extensions and enhancements, we've got you covered.
  • Ensure that you're making the most of your educational technology with REV Enterprises professional development and training options. Options include free online resources and a comprehensive suite of face-to-face and online courses for those who want to dig a little deeper.

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